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“We all see the same headlines,” Hal Bennick, Senior Growth Executive at BairesDev, writes on LinkedIn. “We all read the same blogs and follow the same influencers. We all know that the world is crashing around us and the sky is falling and everything is terrible and it’s probably a good time to hide under [...]

Paul Azorin

By Paul Azorin

10 min read

Learning how to write system requirements specification documents isn’t hard, but it may require some practice.

Andy Horvitz

By Andy Horvitz

10 min read

The primary benefit of using acceptance criteria is that doing so helps you understand what you're working toward before you start the project.

Ryan Singelyn

By Ryan Singelyn

10 min read

When visitors see that your website is up to date, they understand that you are invested in making sure they have the most current information possible.

ERP modules are highly useful for generating a high-level view of the department. This article lists some of the popular modules used by businesses.

Andrea Craig

By Andrea Craig

10 min read

Digital transformation frameworks help companies organize, streamline, and excel further than they ever imagined through introspection and planning.

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In the exciting world of startup companies, founders should not only focus on the current phase but also keep an eye on the phases to come.

John Restrepo

By John Restrepo

10 min read

Strong corporate governance, through keeping the company on track and building a good reputation, ensures longevity and resiliency for the company.

To get the best responses in return, a request for proposal must be written well and fully describe the company’s needs.

Jeff Moore

By Jeff Moore

10 min read

While ERP applications can be customized, it’s important for businesses to choose the right one initially based on the features they need.

Cryptocurrency is a great opportunity for a startup that wants to make the most out of blockchain technology, and getting started is actually easy.

Bob Leibholz

By Bob Leibholz

10 min read

Countries around the world are increasingly promoting local clouds and data protection. Here’s what you need to know.

EDI has completely rewritten how businesses function in the modern world. But what is EDI and why does it matter?

Vina Legault

By Vina Legault

10 min read

To meet the digital demands COVID-19 placed on their organizations, most EA teams had to completely change their focus from business to tech.

Edward Batten

By Edward Batten

10 min read

The world of commerce is taking on new forms, and one thing is clear: Digital transformation in retail is necessary for businesses to meet new industry demands.